Terms and Conditions

By scheduling a one-time or recurring service with Prestige cleaning services, you agree to the following terms and conditions and authorize your credit card to be charged:

Prestige Cleaning Services Riverina™, Inc. strives to provide you with quality service by:

  • Provide a licensed professional cleaning service, which includes insurance.
  • 100% Satisfaction – If you are not happy with any part of your cleaning, let us know within 24 hours and we will send you one to redo the area. Our technicians must be authorized to return within 48 business hours of the initial cleaning. We cannot offer refunds or discounts for the poor quality on the original invoice in the event of a redo.

To provide you with the best possible service; Please…

● Make your home accessible.

  • By providing a unique access code or security code. A fee will be charged if we are unable to enter your home. (see lockout policy below)
  • Turn off the alarm system. If you choose to leave the alarm, we are always diligent and careful to disarm and relocate the alarm according to your instructions. However, we will not be liable for any false alarms or misuse of the alarm system, including claims by local police or security agencies or other claims related to the alarm. work. There are no others.
  • Further, you agree to hold harmless and/or release from liability Prestige Cleaning Services from any failure of the alarm or improper handling of the alarm.
  • Give access to the perfect home. Our technical staff works individually to ensure optimal performance and efficiency. If you have to ask the technicians to clean certain areas first or clean in a different order, it adds time to your cleaning. We are happy to provide this service if needed, but you must call before your cleaning so we can reschedule. Any overtime earned by our members will be billed at our current hourly rate on a quarterly basis.

Get your house ready to be clean. You may be charged an hourly rate if the cleaners need more time if your house is not ready to be cleaned or if the work is delayed due to the condition of the house. We can’t get rid of insect infestation, moisture, excessive grease, or fire damage. If our employees are not safe in the building or environment, they will leave or remove them.

PLEASE NOTE: If we are unable to clean all spaces due to conditions, you will still be responsible for the full cost of cleaning.

Excellent customer service review

Customer feedback is important to help us provide the best service to all of our customers. Customer service reviews are sent after each cleaning via email or SMS. We also leave a card you can fill out in the mail, and customers are always welcome to call our office at (043) 424-1515 in response to your service.

Enjoy your work!


  • We require a minimum of 48 hours for postponement or cancellation.
  • If you cancel with less than 48 hours’ notice and your cleaning is not scheduled within one week, you will be charged the full amount of your scheduled cleaning, nothing more. Early notification allows us to schedule an alternative home in your place and ensure our staff’s uptime is adequate.
  • Withdrawals may be made for emergencies and/or illness. Repeated cancellations, even in the event of an emergency or illness, may still result in cancellation fees. Prestige Cleaning Services has the ability to make these decisions individually. If the cancellation or postponement causes more than 3 weeks to pass between cleanings, the next cleaning will be charged at our current hourly rate
  • Our cleaning hours are 8:30 am to 5 pm. If under any circumstances, our staff are evicted or locked out of your home between these hours, a cancellation fee of 100% of your cleaning rate will be charged. We will do our best to work within the time you request.
  • For any office schedule changes due to holidays or extreme weather conditions, we will make every effort to reschedule as close to your scheduled cleaning date as possible.

Breakage and Damage Policy

If you are asked to dust/clean inside china cabinets or hutches, start laundry, wash dishes, clean small computer equipment, antiques, or collections, or use your equipment (e.g. vacuum), you agree to hold harmless and/or release Prestige Cleaning Services TM, Inc. and/or any of its employees from liability for any damage or breakage to any article or component.

  • We will make every effort not to break anything, but accidents do happen. We offer Limited Liability coverage for replacement or repair. An identical replacement will be sought but not guaranteed. As a result, we avoid cleaning requests for irreplaceable or sentimental valued things.
  • If damage is not notified to our office personnel by phone or email within two business days after service, Prestige Cleaning Services will not be held liable.
  • Prestige Cleaning Services TM, Inc. is not liable for any damage caused by defective or inappropriate installation, lack of maintenance, or regular wear and tear of any equipment.

Other additional information from Prestige Cleaning Services.

  • Prestige Cleaning Services TM, Inc. retains the right to revise prices at any time in order to accommodate your demands and guarantee your pleasure
  • If you ask for modifications to your service after obtaining your initial estimate, you can be charged extra or you might need a new estimate.
  • We are unable to take care of kids, pets, or plants due to exposed liability.

Payment Policies and Options.

● Payment methods accepted include checks, cash, VISA/MASTERCARD, and bank transfers.

  • All NSF checks will incur a $45 service charge. Your credit card will be charged if a check is not received on the day of the cleaning. EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE Declined cards and outstanding balances will be charged a $25 service fee or 15% interest, whichever is greater.
  • Declined cards and outstanding balances will be charged a $25 service fee or 15% interest, whichever is greater.

● We offer many ways to pay for our service.

  • Cash should be put in sealed envelopes addressed to the office
  • A verbal agreement to begin service indicated acceptance of the Service Agreement and permission to charge the credit card.
  • All initial and one-time cleanings require pre-authorization based on the estimated time and current hourly rates. The average hold on a card is $500-$750. Some cleanings will have larger holds based on the time booked.


We photograph our work before and after. These images are used for training, performance proof, and promotion. Examples can be found on our website before and after. If you do not want photographs of work areas in your house taken, please let us know when you schedule your cleaning


When you enter into a service agreement with Prestige Cleaning Services Riverina, you agree not to hire any staff member referred to you by Prestige Cleaning Services for any home-related services. We invest a significant amount of time, money, and resources in selecting, interviewing, verifying references and histories, and training our cleaners. When employed, each cleaning technician agrees not to perform any home-related service for any of our previous or current customers. If you do wish to hire a staff member directly, please discuss this with the owner.If it is discovered that you have recruited one of our employees, please be aware that our referral/training charge is $2,500 per new person. Our staff is our most valued asset, and we price accordingly.